I've been editing Avid, Premiere & Final Cut Pro since 1995 on a huge variety of different programmes.
Click on the different subjects to see a sample of that variety.

thumb_brain-on-cardboard2.jpg 1. Natural History. eg. 'North America.' - Epic Blue Chip Natural History Series

2. History . eg. 'Genocide & the Second Reich.'

3. Features. eg. 'Ray Mears Bushcraft.' Legendary extreme survival series.

4. Education . eg. 'Binge Thinking.' Powerful documentary aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of Binge drinking.
5. Drama. eg. 'The Devil's Vice.' Feature length psychological drama.

6. Art eg. 'Painting the Weather.' Cutting edge BBC4 art series.


The producers of these programmes are happy to provide references, I feel I have a proven track record as a dynamic, creative, problem solving editor and pride myself on a high level of quality. Hopefully they do too.