National cinema release for darkly comic feature film, 'A Bit of Tom Jones,' 2007 set in Tredegar, Wales, which just happened to be the same location I cut ‘Kiddo’ - 2005 a fast paced powerful film about a good kid’s alcoholic step off the rails. I worked with Casualty producer Foz Allen on drama series ‘Belonging’- also set in Wales, hmmm recurring theme here between Drama and post industrial welsh landscapes…


'The Devil's Vice.' 2013. Tred Films

The story of a young middle class couple living in rural Monmouthshire, is their newly converted house haunted by a poltergeist or is the perpetrator closer to home? This horrific film explores control, manipulation and other complexities surrounding domestic abuse from a totally unexpected angle.

Produced & Directed by Peter Watkins Hughes.


 'Loserville.' 2011. BBC1 Wales.

After her mother is killed by a falling jet engine, a teenager's home life is made a living hell by her evil stepmother (Denise Welch) and her odious stepbrother. Running away, the girl ends up in the Loserville Hotel where she finds friendship and danger in equal measure. Part of BBC Wales' special series about homelessness in Wales. Action comedy/ drama

Director: Peter Watkins Hughes



'A Bit of Tom Jones' 2007

90 min dark comedy about one man’s attempt to make a fortune selling celebrity bodyparts and it all going a bit wrong.

Director: Peter Watkins Hughes.

VUE Cinemas

kiddo_party.jpg'Kiddo' 2005

BBC Wales.

40 min fast paced story of one boys descent into alcoholism and anti- social behaviour that ends with him being charged with murder. Made with a grant from Police and Schools.

Director: Gordon Main

Big Fat Problem - obesity awareness campaign

Big Fat Problem 2003 - An anti obesity campaign

In this film Santa Claus suffers from gorging on too many pies.

Laying in BedCome Clean 2002 - STD awareness campaign.

A memento style backwards short film reflecting a young man’s ‘what if?’ Conumdrum