A sampler of music videos that I've designed, directed, edited and produced........


'Sweet Flower' Domino Records 2014

‘It’s about that deepest innocent part of you that dies a little each time the world wrongs you…’


  sculpture by Jason Lane



'I Deserve to No' Official Video. Domino Records 2014

Cut 'n'paste evolution of revolution. A Meboid Construction with Scott, Gee & Jodi



'Beyond Ugly' LP Promo. Domino Records 2014

Directed, Edited, Built the props and buried G alive in this 'back from the dead' trailer. Camera: Mathew Ward

Island records 2007

In close consultation with G, the lead singer/ rapper/ poet, I wrote, designed, built the set, directed the filming, edited and composited the video for their debut single. It follows a life long obsession with cardboard.

SHiTKiCKER 2008 Master from steve phillips on Vimeo.


The Mighty Ging
‘Cursazoid’ 2003 

cursazoid.jpg Stop motion scans of bandmembers faces.

The Mighty Ging
'Fukin Hoomanz’

Chimp with handgun still from music video for The Mighty Ging

Scratching & Paint on film. 

The Mighty Ging
‘Be Someone’ 2005

be_someone_edit.jpgA Short film about an agrophobic hermit who sees the outside world through his tv screen. Music by The Mighty Ging. Featuring StepChild from the Mighty Ging.

John Matthias
‘All the Time in the World’

all-time-in-world_sml.jpg Rostrumed archive film of a slow down horse race.


John Matthias
'Talk to Me’
Ninja Tune

talk-to-still_sml.jpg Scratched on, Painted archive film.